This Might Be The Best Generic Ad EVER!

I tend to be fairly critical of advertising, especially radio and TV ads.

With many of the ads I see or hear, I’m left wondering how it ever made it on the air.

I figure that for most ads, a number of people had to sign-off on the final production. I’m always amazed that no one had the guts to pipe up and say, “Hey, this ad really stinks.  It’s stupid, it doesn’t make any sense, and it’s never going to sell the product.”

But, no, it seems like no one has the nerve to speak up.

Instead what we’re left with is cliched ad copy, video that’s meant to associate some vague idea with the product, and an ineffective commercial that wastes the client’s money, not to mention it wastes our brain power.

This one video takes all of those cliches, all of those generic video clips and rolls them into one awesome result.  Like the headline above says, “This might be the best generic ad EVER!”

Author: Tim McLaughlin

I've been using my voice professionally for more than 40 years, first in radio and for more than 30 years as a professional voice-talent. I specialize in narrations for eLearning, explainer videos, corporate, industrial and medical narrations, real estate virtual home tours, commercials, and on-hold messages.