Avid Announces Pro Tools 9

Avid is unveiling Pro Tools 9 at the AES Convention.  Pro Tools 9 will be available worldwide on November 12.

Here’s a great explanation from Sweetwater of what you’ll see in the latest Pro Tools package:



ProSoundNews:  Avid Releases Pro Tools 9 at AES Convention

Author: Tim McLaughlin

I've been using my voice professionally for more than 40 years, first in radio and for more than 30 years as a professional voice-talent. I specialize in narrations for eLearning, explainer videos, corporate, industrial and medical narrations, real estate virtual home tours, commercials, and on-hold messages.

2 thoughts on “Avid Announces Pro Tools 9

  1. Mike Cooper says:

    Hi Tim, I read on Bob Souer’s blog that you were back blogging, so I decided to check you out. I’m in the process of reviving my own blog (at GobsOnSticks.com) at the moment – it’ll get a makeover in due course and move within my main website sometime in the new year.

    Thanks for this piece. I think this is good news. I’m one of those who’s always avoided Pro Tools as being an overblown/temperamental/complex piece of software for voiceover needs, but most of the reason I stay away is that the Mbox it runs on in my rig is the single most unreliable piece of kit I own. It regularly crashes out, doesn’t like the +10dB inputs from my mixer, and is generally a pain in the neck. My Echo Audiofire, on the other hand, is a dream and has never given me so much as a moment’s pause. If Pro Tools will run using that, I’m prepared to give it a try once Christmas is out of the way and the budget allows for me to “crossgrade” from Pro Tools 8 LE.

    Keep up the good work, and best wishes from London!


  2. Tim McLaughlin says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    By the way, I just added your blog to the list of VO blogs over there on the right. I’m surprised I didn’t have it already, since I had subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader a while ago. Sorry for the oversight.

    I made the leap into Pro Tools a couple of years ago, and fortunately have never had the problems you describe. I run my mixer into and Mbox2 and it’s been pretty solid with no glitches.

    After talking to my Sweetwater.com rep, I’ve decided not to make the crossgrade to PT9. I’m on PT 7 LE on a custom built Windows XP machine. On the Windows side, Avid is only supporting Windows 7 with the new Pro Tools. Since things are working well for me, I don’t feel like making the switch to both Windows 7 and PT9. My rep also said that for VO work there aren’t that many new bells & whistles in PT9 to justify doing the upgrade on the OS and the DAW. So I put my credit card away and saved myself the $249 crossgrade price.


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