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Celebrity Voiceovers – Good Or Bad?

A post called Name that Voiceover… on Creative Fuel got me thinking about whether celebrity voiceovers are good or bad.

Are Celebrity Voiceovers Good or Bad?There has been a trend in recent years, to use celebrity voices for commercials, animation, narrations and the like.  The thinking seems to be that if people have an emotional connection with that celebrity, it will make them want to buy the product, or go see the animated movie, or watch the program about lions, the ocean, the Universe …

The question that always comes to my mind is, “What about the people that don’t like that particular celebrity?”

For every person who loves hearing Morgan Freeman’s voice on a commercial, there is probably another person who really doesn’t like hearing his voice.

Personally, I tend not to be swayed either way by whether a particular celebrity is associated with a product.  I make my buying decisions on whether that product has utility for me.  Does it provide what I want at the price I want to pay?

However, it seems like the Madison Avenue types believe that a lot of people are influenced by a celebrity voiceover.  And if that’s the case, what about all the people who don’t like {fill in the blank}’s voice?

What about you?  Are you influenced positively or negatively by hearing a voiceover from celebrities?

Two Days – Two New Clients

It’s always nice when a new client hires me as the voice talent for a project.  And it’s twice as nice when I can add two new companies to my list of voiceover clients.

Yesterday, I did an e-Learning narration for American Express.  It was a 35-page script about Risk Management.

Then, today, it was an e-Learning project for Sysco, the food products company.

To some people, these may not sound all that exciting, but I love working as the narrator for e-Learning courses.  Plus, when I can provide voiceovers for two new clients it makes it even that much more fun.

Bobbin Beam Offers 5 Tips For Success

On her blog, Bobbin Beam offers 5 tips for success.

They’re great success tips not only for voiceover people, but for anyone in business.

Be sure to check out the statistic she mentions about businesses that advertise during a recession.

I’ve always been amazed by businesses that stop advertising when the economy slows.  Many companies treat their advertising and marketing budget as discretionary.  Marketing and advertising, especially when times are tough, is imperative.

If sales fall off because of a bad economy, a company has to do something to boost those sales.  The tips Bobbin mentions are good starting points no matter what industry you’re in.

Another Voice Gone – Charlie O’Donnell Dies

While you may not have known his name, you most likely heard the voice of Charlie O’Donnell more than once in your life.

O’Donnell passed away at the age of 78 on Monday.

For 28 years, he was the announcer on the TV game show “Wheel of Fortune.”  And his list of announcer credits include many TV shows over the years:  “American Bandstand,” “To Tell the Truth,” “The Joker’s Wild,” “The Gong Show,” “The Dating Game,” “The Newlywed Game,” “Tic Tac Dough” and many others.

Charlie O’Donnell, Whose Voice Was Fixture on TV, Dies at 78

How Danny Dark Became The Voice-Over King

Check out the post “How Danny Dark Changed Commercial Voice Overs” on Dan O’Day’s blog.

The video in Dan’s post of legendary PD Chuck Blore talking about how Danny Dark went from using his DJ voice to actually “talking to people,” is good advice for any of us who do voiceovers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny Dark’s voice check out this NBC promo with Dark as the announcer: