Business Predictions For 2011

This time of year brings lots of predictions for the coming year.  Fellow Coloradan Ryan Healy has 5 Business Predictions for 2011.

Ryan’s prediction #4 is the one that interests me the most — an increased use of video in marketing.

As a voice over artist, I’ve been able to record narrations for a number of web videos this year.  In particular, I’ve been very fortunate to record many real estate tours for Coldwell Banker’s HighDefVideoTours by Rockin’ Media:


HighDefVideo Tours

Ryan’s prediction makes me even more optimistic than I have been about 2011.

2 thoughts on “Business Predictions For 2011”

  1. Thanks for the link, Tim! That’s great that you’re doing voice overs for hi-def video tours. Sounds like a good business to be in, especially with so many eager sellers who will do whatever it takes to sell their homes.

    P.S. I’ll keep you in mind if I need somebody to do a voice over.

    1. Thanks, Ryan. Yes, the high def video home tours are having a positive impact for the real estate agents that are using them. Which then translates to more agents starting to use them.

      I completely agree with your prediction of more video marketing on the way. It makes complete sense for companies to use the technology to deliver a marketing message. It’s easier than ever to shoot, edit, and upload video. Plus, it seems like lots of people prefer watching a video instead of reading a web page.

      Thanks for keeping in mind as a possible voice talent.

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